Bar Bites

Tidbits and Pupus
Island Tidbits

Trader’s most popular platter for two includes, lamb chops, crab rangoon, crispy prawns & Jalapeño cheese balls

Crab Rangoon

Spiced crab & cream cheese filled wontons, fried crispy

Crispy Prawns

Marinated & breaded prawns in Japanese bread crumbs

Crispy Calamari

Fried golden & served with roasted garlic-chili aioli

Jalapeño Cheese Balls (V)

Cheddar cheese, Emmental cheese, coriander & jalapeños coated in panko, fried golden

Beef Cho Cho

Marinated beef skewers in teriyaki-soy glaze. Finished at the table over a flaming hibachi

Chicken Skewers

Ginger-lemongrass chicken satay, sweet Thai chili sauce

Luau Dip (V)

Melted Brie cheese topped with pineapple-chili compote, served with Lavash crackers

Bar Bites
Malayan Prawn Skewers

Grilled prawn skewers with coconut-lime sauce

Spicy deviled chicken wings (N)

Crisp chicken wings tossed in a spicy sauce garnished with cashew nuts. Ranch dressing served on the side

Half portion 40

Full portion 70

Original tuna poke 

Tuna & avocado tossed in our signature dressing served with crispy wonton chips

Maui Waui Shrimp

Coconut shrimp with katsu slaw & creamy chili lime aioli

shrimp and chicken pot stickers

Pan seared dumplings, filled with shrimp & chicken served with our spicy secret soy sauce

Avocado Toast (V)

Brioche covered in fresh avocado & sesame seeds, the perfect light bite

French fries (V)

French fries golden, served with mayo  ketchup

Small Plates
Trader Vic’s Salad (V)

Mixed greens, heart of palm, Belgian endives in our famous Javanese dressing

Add shrimp 69

wela wela chicken salad

Grilled Cajun spiced chicken with avocado, peppers, cucumber, young corn, red onions, orange, cherry tomatoes with ranch dressing

Trader Vic’s Burger

200 gr. beef patty with tomato, onions, white cheddar cheese, home-made pickles, BBQ pineapple & lettuce, served with French fries

“All-in” Fried Rice (V)

Stir-fried chicken, prawns, vegetables topped with fried egg

Singapore Noodles (V)

Rice noodles, stir-fried chicken, shrimps, vegetables & scrambled egg

kung pao chicken

Spicy stir fried chicken, red onions, mixed bell peppers, carrots, scallions & finished with cashew nuts

Sesame Seared Tuna bowl

Sesame crusted tuna loin, edamame beans, avocado, tropical fruit & spicy sriracha aioli over warm sticky rice

(A) Contains alcohol (N) Contains nuts (V) Vegetarian option